An Excerpt from my Book

Chapter 14

Alina watched the moon through the window.  The image warped around a crack, but shown white and clear against the black night sky.  Her breath formed wispy fog that wafted in the silent light, drifting into nothingness as it disappeared into the silent air around her.  Her mind drifted to her one true love.

“Do you think he worries about me?” Alina asked the bird.  It clicked its beak and cooed softly.  It didn’t understand, but the noise calmed and soothed her.  “Maybe he’s looking up at the moon, wishing for it to guide him as well.”

She drifted into a peaceful rest, content with the knowledge that somewhere he searched for her, and that through the dark night, love would bring them together.  Like the polar star to a sea captain, destiny would join their hands together.  He would love her, he would fight for her.


Chapter 15

Five leagues to the east Jed looked through a jagged hole cut from plain wood.  The full moon shown through, spilling ethereal light into the small wood stand.  The light pushed his soul to the wind.  To ride upon the clouds, searching for adventure in the clear night sky.  It bid him fight through pain. It made him stand tall and ready his weapons. The full moon only came once a month, and he wouldn’t waste it no matter how bad he felt.

He kicked the door of the latrine and wiped his hands on his jerkin.  He shook his head in disgust.

“That was bad meat.”  He whistled high and loud, and heard Jeremy’s call in return.  “Let’s steal something fresh.”


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