Why the Blog?

This blog is an experiment.

I have stuff in my head all the time (better than the alternative I guess).  Pointless debate topics, satirical discourses, and insults that I’m too afraid to say out loud.  Most of the time these thoughts cram their way into my brain while I’m wading through a litany of technical documents.  The other day I was researching a hygienic tissue winding apparatus (“toilet paper dispenser” to the uninformed), and I suddenly imagined the anti-hero protagonist from my book fall head first into pond scum.  Likely you don’t find this funny, but trust me, anything would make you laugh after six hours of black and white figures showing the inner workings of new and improved hygienic tissue winding apparatuses.

I decided to write this blog because I’m hoping to keep random thoughts out of my office.  I think writing will liberate the musings within my brain, and keep my book at home.  (I use the term “my book” loosely, since I don’t have a book at all.  It’s more of a random collection of half-baked ideas that I secretly think will rival Tolken or Rowling in some future day when the manuscript decides to compose itself from the tangle of my waking thoughts.)

I’m not sure it will work .  My guess is that it won’t.  Most likely it will have the opposite effect, encouraging more wild thoughts to take solid textualized form, slowing my progress on the corporate ladder of self-congradulation.  Stories and ramblings will likely push me from fame and fortune as the dungeon of self mastery is broken by the light and glory of lazy indulgence.

Better than a slow death by toilet paper .


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